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Contribute to community development initiatives in Spain.

Welcome to Barcelona, Spain, the vibrant capital of Catalonia, where the busy streets and historic neighbourhoods are alive with energy. When you volunteer in Spain, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic atmosphere while making a positive impact on the local community. Join us for an enriching experience, where you’ll grow personally and professionally while contributing to something truly meaningful.


Spain is like a traveller’s dream come true, blending history, culture and natural wonders into one epic adventure. You’ve got the majestic Pyrenees Mountains providing breathtaking backdrops, along with iconic landmarks like the Alhambra and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

But let’s talk about Barcelona – it’s a whole vibe on its own! Picture stunning architecture everywhere you look, thanks to visionaries like Antoni Gaudi. From the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia to the mosaic-adorned Park Guell, Barcelona is filled with stunning sights. And let’s not forget about the food scene – tapas, paella, churros… need we say more?

Imagine being part of this vibrant city while making a difference as a volunteer. Experience Barcelona’s culture firsthand, working on impactful community projects. Join us for an adventure that’s both rewarding and fun.

Our programs

Food Security and Community Outreach in Spain
Volunteer with Children in Spain

Spain sits on the southwestern edge of Europe, offering diverse landscapes and a rich history. Whether you’re relaxing on Mediterranean beaches or exploring the Pyrenees Mountains, there’s something for everyone. Up north, you’ll find stunning coastal views at the Bay of Biscay, while inland areas boast charming cities and picturesque villages.

Barcelona, nestled on the northeast coast, is a vibrant destination. With its iconic buildings, lively streets and renowned food scene, Barcelona has plenty to offer. From the bustling La Boqueria market to the tranquil Park Guell, there are endless opportunities for exploration.

Our hub is located in the El Turo de la Peira neighbourhood, which is situated in the popular district of Nou Barris in the hills of Barcelona. 

Barcelona’s cultural heritage traces back to its ancient Roman beginnings, evolving through mediaeval times with a blend of diverse cultural influences. The Catalans, known for their unique language and traditions, have played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s identity over generations. The Gothic Quarter stands as a vivid reminder of Barcelona’s mediaeval past, with its intricate streets and Gothic architecture. 


Barcelona is the perfect blend of culture, history and natural beauty. Here are five must-see highlights:

  • Architectural wonders: Get ready to be blown away by Antoni Gaudi’s mind-bending creations. The Sagrada Familia is like stepping into a fantasy world, and Park Guell is Instagram gold with its funky mosaics and colourful sculptures.
  • Historic Gothic Quarter: Explore the ancient streets of the Gothic Quarter and feel like you’re in a time machine. From the stunning Barcelona Cathedral to the lively Placa Reial, there’s history around every corner.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine: Barcelona is a foodie paradise, and tapas are a must-try. From classic patatas bravas (crispy potatoes with spicy tomato sauce) to succulent jamon iberico (cured ham) and sizzling gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp).
  • Artistic treasures: Dive into the art scene at the Picasso Museum and see some seriously cool stuff. Check out Picasso’s famous works like “The Harlequin” and “The Wait” and get inspired by his unique style.
  • Beachfront bliss: Unwind on the golden sands of Barceloneta Beach. Feel the warm Mediterranean sun on your skin as you soak in the stunning sea views and listen to the sound of the waves. 


Your impact

In Barcelona, we partner with a local NGO dedicated to supporting the residents of the El Turo de la Peira neighbourhood. This area has a rich history of welcoming immigrants and is home to over 18,000 people, including 3,000 children, making it the most densely populated area in the city. It boasts remarkable diversity, with 97 nationalities represented.

When you participate in one of our volunteer programs in Spain, you’ll be contributing to addressing the needs of approximately 25% of the inhabitants who are vulnerable or undocumented, with a special focus on single mothers.

Volunteering in Spain provides an opportunity to assist those struggling to access essential resources and educational opportunities, as well as those facing social and employment exclusion. Your efforts will bring hope and dignity to those who are often overlooked and marginalised, aligning with our core values of community, diversity and solidarity.


We offer two opportunities to volunteer in Spain. 

In our food security and community outreach program, we’re dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities by providing nutritious meals to those experiencing homelessness. We also offer resources, education and social inclusion opportunities to empower individuals. From operating a food bank to distributing food and hygiene products through weekly food baskets, we’re committed to making a lasting impact. We’re into urban permaculture, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and help cultivate a sustainable urban farm while spreading environmental awareness through fun workshops.

If you’re passionate about making a difference in children’s lives, our volunteer with children program is perfect for you. You’ll engage in recreational and learning activities for children  from the local community facing challenges in accessing essential resources and educational opportunities. From arts and crafts to dance parties, games and educational workshops, you’ll be part of creating lasting memories. Plus, your assistance in preparing meal packs ensures that the children have nutritious lunches to support their development.


Which languages are spoken in Barcelona?

Commonly spoken languages include English and Spanish.

How can I prioritise health and safety?

Check in with your doctor or travel clinic before you head out. Stay aware and mindful of your surroundings, and keep an eye on your belongings. Opt for public transport, licensed taxis or reputable ride-sharing services for safe travel. 

Minimise cash and keep valuables secure in front pockets or secure compartments. Be cautious of common tourist scams, like distraction tactics or unsolicited offers for help with directions.

What is the weather like?

In Barcelona, winters (November–April) are usually sunny and warm if you’re in the sun, but it can feel cooler in the shade. Summers (May–September) are very hot and often accompanied by rain.

How can I stay in touch with people back home?

You can access WhatsApp, Instagram, and other apps by connecting to the Wi-Fi at the community centre. Or by getting a local SIM card and adding credit to your phone.

What activities can I do in my free time? 

In your free time, you have plenty of options. Explore the city, go for a hike or unwind at the beach. There’s something for everyone!