Where inspiration and impact meet

Why GVI?

We know you want to live your life differently. You love to travel, but want more than just a holiday. You have a passion to contribute to community projects ethically, but want to immerse yourself in vibrant cultural experiences too.

You’re interested in building a career in sustainable development, but need to get out there to get first-hand experience. To learn from the best, while making lifelong friends with diverse people from all over the world.

You’re eager to create memories that spark immense joy, and at the same time be part of something truly meaningful. Something bigger than yourself. A movement to make an impact.

Yes, it’s a lot. But that’s the thing. With GVI, you can experience all of it.

The GVI Difference
Empower locally-led initiatives

We always collaborate with organisations on the ground in every location and support local initiatives in a way that would serve them best. We listen, exchange stories, and learn from our partners and community members who have in-depth knowledge of their challenges and opportunities. It’s an inclusive horizontal exchange to ensure a collaborative and sustainable model.

Find a place to belong

We know that it can be tricky to find your people. At GVI, you get to join something unique. You become part of an inclusive and safe community of like-minded global citizens. A group of change-makers who share the same values and goals around authenticity, equality and empowerment. Those humans you instantly connect with and say “What? You feel the same? No way!”

GVI is also a  proud member of the Gap Year Association.

Expand your expertise

Whether you want to advance your professional career, dip your toes into something new or just learn more about sustainability, GVI will help you reach your goals. You’ll gain real-life practical experience and qualifications under the guidance of experts in community development. You’ll also get access to useful resources, language learning opportunities, networking, coaching and job opportunities.

Do good, better

We are serious about making an ethical impact. That’s why all our programs are aligned to the UN SDGs, international reporting frameworks and community-led partner networks. We have a team of dedicated professionals, who implement our corporate sustainability policies and practices at all our locations around the world.