South Africa Global Health Short Term Internship

Gain experience in global public health in the South African context.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

Work with an international team of staff, interns, and volunteers to increase health and well-being in communities near Cape Town. Earn work experience and leadership skills while contributing to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3, Good Health and Well-Being.

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Program overview

Travel to a small seaside town an hour outside Cape Town to facilitate greater health and well-being in the local community. A major part of GVI’s ongoing efforts to support health in the community involves providing volunteers and interns to facilitate sports lessons at a local primary school. This helps to instill the habit of daily exercise in local children from a young age, helping them reap the many proven benefits of regular physical activity. In the process, participants gain confidence as a leader and practice new skills like intercultural communication. 

GVI also runs a girls empowerment group at a local primary school and participants focusing on health-related topics might have the opportunity to discuss women’s health topics with this group. They might also facilitate healthy hygiene habits at a local creche in alignment with UNICEF’s WASH or Water, Sanitation and Hygiene initiative. Interns might also have the opportunity to engage early childhood and primary school groups in other health-related topics like nutrition. 

Identifying a public health need in the community as well as designing and delivering an adult workshop to address this need is an important part of the work interns complete on this program. Workshops may focus on first aid skills, hygiene and transferable illness, mental health awareness, substance abuse, and other important health topics.


  • Gain experience in running a health education workshop. 
  • Learn how international development projects are run in a South African context. 
  • Earn experience in early childhood and primary school education. 
  • Explore the dramatic landscape and vibrant city life of Cape Town. 
  • Before or after your program take a trip up to the famous Kruger National Park.

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GVI Africa, South Africa, Cape Town
Global Health
Women’s Empowerment

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