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Nepal Women’s Empowerment Short Term Internship

Contribute to sustainable and long-term women’s empowerment initiatives in Nepal.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

Gain experience in international sustainable development. Start your career in international sustainable development by completing an internship in Nepal with GVI. This internship is specifically suited for those with a background or interest in gender studies.

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Program overview

Start building a career that is in alignment with your passion for achieving global gender equality objectives. Join staff and other participants from around the world in Nepal’s community of Pokhara to learn about, and contribute to, women’s empowerment initiatives. These are aligned to Gender Equality, the 5th Sustainable Development Goal set by the United Nations. 

Some of the projects we run in the area include literacy, numeracy, and life skills workshops for girls at a local school as well as professional skills development classes with local women. We also run conversational English classes for local women. Not only do these classes provide for a local need, the women are very keen to become proficient in English, but the classes also create a space where women can develop their own social support structure. We also run women’s health workshops featuring topics like prenatal health and child health. In addition, we work with the women of SASANE, an anti-human trafficking organisation to spread awareness about the prevalence of this practice, thereby helping communities develop more resilences. 

Interns are also encouraged to set up their own project in alignment with ongoing initiatives with a focus specifically on women’s empowerment. Your assigned on-site GVI mentor will help you to identify a need among girls and women in the community as well as developing and implementing a practical solution. 


  • Contribute to #5, Gender Equality. 
  • Earn work experience in education, training and sustainable development. 
  • Live and work with other participants from all around the world who are all committed to making a global impact. 
  • Immerse yourself in Nepali culture at our homestay-style accommodation on the edge of Pokhara’s Lake Phewa. 
  • Experience the natural beauty of Nepal while trekking or paragliding.

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GVI Asia, Nepal, Pokhara
Women’s Empowerment
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